Gucci launched a new watch series of themed Meme #TFWGucci cooperation projects, encourage the world cultural creators and artists Meme March des Merveilles Le, on a number of watch series creation. The name of the project #TFWGucci is “That Feel When” (when I put on a Gucci watch). The core creation technique of the digital […]

Gucci recently launched a series of 2017 holiday gift selection, style diversity, category wide single product inspired Zhen gifts inspiration, including handbags, jewelry, shoes, T-Shirts, children’s clothing and furnishings. Digital marketing activities rich to construct parallel to the illusion and reality of the world, for the holiday with a full Gucci creative gift list. A […]

Gucci sales were strong in the near future, and sales increased by 49.4% in the third quarter of this year, with sales of 1 billion 500 million euros. The prosecutor believes that the Gucci is redistributed to avoid the Italy tax administration by redistributing its income outside Italy. Four years ago, Gucci’s colleagues and Prada, […]

The 45 year old technology executives graduated from renowned management college ESCP Europe occupation career started in the retail industry “Whampoa  military academy” Procter & Gamble, then transferred to the technology industry, join startups iBazar, and with iBazar acquired by EBay in 2001 and joined the home appliance giant became the French general manager of […]

Canada yoga clothing manufacturer Lululemon days ago released the fiscal third quarter earnings. During the reporting period, Lululemon realized net sales of about $619 million, a year-on-year increase of about 14%, mainly from the growth of sales of stores and e-commerce platforms. However, its net profit was reduced by 13.7% due to the restructuring of […]

Love light luxury, what kind of trendy it brings cool, Gucci why so fascinated by the design of its garish and full of grotesque fun caught the attention of all the people, indeed, Gucci has been more than a year the most popular brands, so I love it because it lead a fast style. Gucci […]

Environmental protection, although repeatedly mentioned, but like a slogan, yelling is forgotten. For the sake of convenience, give up the garbage classification; turn the shark into shark’s fin for the sake of tasty; to look good, even a cell phone chain needs a fox hair. However, the fashion industry, which has been criticized for the […]

GUCCI, a famous luxury fashion brand, has been loved and sought after by leading the trend of the times. It can be counted on the fashion course of these years. The price tag of $65000 dollars is naturally the controversial work in the peak period. The Sterling Silver GUCCI handcuffs were created by Tom Ford […]

The luxury goods giant Gucci (micro-blog) is moving frequently this year, this time is the high-end jewelry market. Gucci creative director before announced the launch of the first high-end jewelry brand series, the new series of price 15 thousand -7 million euros, and will be in the market Chinese, Japan and the United States through […]

A slightly cooler winter, the busy end of the year; when we need something to ignite the consumption after nearly a year and the little passion. I caught a glimpse of Gucci brought by the spring of 2018, bright yellow sweater jumps out in many of the pictures you look, in front of three lines […]