Gucci 2017 holiday gift

Gucci recently launched a series of 2017 holiday gift selection, style diversity, category wide single product inspired Zhen gifts inspiration, including handbags, jewelry, shoes, T-Shirts, children’s clothing and furnishings. Digital marketing activities rich to construct parallel to the illusion and reality of the world, for the holiday with a full Gucci creative gift list. A series of digital creation illustrations by Ignasi Monreal, a Spanish artist, will be presented as the core story of the annual holiday tribute theme in the way of beautiful atlas.

Streamer flashing and full of festive atmosphere of the “yellow Temple” device, collocation candy pink neon lamp in the window frame, and select a single product to create a powerful and unconstrained style tribute to the world. The splendid temple is a rare cabinet, cabinet Ancient Runes from Lorenzo de Medici, the famous poem.

The series of winter legends shows us a banquet of snow in a exotic atmosphere, showing a sense of beauty. The prosperity and vitality of the Millennium Series is perfectly reflected in this millennium’s PINK series. The freedom of the nomadic Journey Series coincides with this. The image of the elegant and gracefully Greek goddess, the angels from the top to the waist, and every decoration detail on the body are full of aristocratic breath. In an exclamation of a beautiful suit, the feminine spirit conveyed by Wei Mi should also be remembered.

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