Gucci 2018 early spring series

A slightly cooler winter, the busy end of the year; when we need something to ignite the consumption after nearly a year and the little passion. I caught a glimpse of Gucci brought by the spring of 2018, bright yellow sweater jumps out in many of the pictures you look, in front of three lines of English clothes can not help but smile.

After the surprise of the 2017 holiday gift, Gucci’s 2018 early spring series brought us a surprise and a surprise. Just as the creative director Alessandro Michele Gucci at the helm, rave reviews, but also have a lot of doubts, but he still led to the brand of climbing on the peak, with a seasonal fancy design impact on the world’s attention, loyal followers of Gucci also produced more and more “Blind for love”.

Review the Gucci 2018 early spring series of advertising images: Rome Rhapsody. Bright colorful first glance caught everyone’s attention, the spring of 2018 series of large advertising image shooting at the creative director Alessandro Michele’s hometown – Rome, a cover of the artistic heritage of the eternal city, and invited the famous rock star queen photographer Mick Rock palm mirror.

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