Gucci enters the high-end jewelry market

The luxury goods giant Gucci (micro-blog) is moving frequently this year, this time is the high-end jewelry market. Gucci creative director before announced the launch of the first high-end jewelry brand series, the new series of price 15 thousand -7 million euros, and will be in the market Chinese, Japan and the United States through the sale of private contract. At the same time, the Gucci said the brand will use bigger jewels in the next series to make more high-end jewelry.

Gucci before jewelry series is mainly made of rings, necklaces, earrings and brooches and other fashion jewelry and silver jewelry. Its products are mainly made of sterling silver, gold-plated and SWAROVSKI crystal. The price is 950-4200 yuan, not high-end jewelry.

It is reported that, for the development of high-end jewelry business, Gucci hired a professional scientist looking for jewelry jewelry supply in Milan, and hired 30 goldsmiths and Mason Production of high-end jewelry series products. In addition, Gucci also invited the external jewelry studio Valenza to help the high-end jewelry business. It is understood that Gucci’s high-end jewelry series continues the idea of creative director Alessandro Michele in designing clothes, which is full of quirks and retro feelings. Elements such as tigers, snakes, lions and foxes are still visible.

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