Gucci is the most popular brand according to google’s latest online survey

According to the trend of Google data show that this year the most popular fashion brand is Italy luxury brand Gucci, the brand launched including “exhibition mekey” exhibition, #TFWGucci digital creative projects, Florence hot spring vacation series released project from the beginning of this year, on-line online shopping service in the Chinese website and WeChat launched a small program.

The announcement of stopping the use of fur in October this year has also raised the heat of the Gucci topic. According to the combing of the big events of Gucci marketing, the frequency of Gucci marketing creative projects is almost once a month. And the recent Gucci 1 billion 300 million euro tax evasion case continues to ferment, the parent company open cloud executives are suspected of illegal commercial behavior, and the brand is also a high degree of concern.

Gucci, which is constantly making fresh consumers, has continued to record strong growth and has won the luxury industry for 7 consecutive quarters. According to the data of fashion news, Gucci growth in the third quarter hit a record high, sales soared 49.4% to 1 billion 550 million euros, 1 billion 337 million euros more than Hermes again.

Yesterday, the price of Gucci’s parent EPA:KER group rose to its highest level in 15 years, and it recorded 391.85 euros per share. Since this year, the stock price of Kai Yun group has increased by more than 79%, which has outperformed the entire luxury industry, and its market value is currently 48 billion 900 million euros.

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