Gucci sales are strong in the near future

Gucci sales were strong in the near future, and sales increased by 49.4% in the third quarter of this year, with sales of 1 billion 500 million euros. The prosecutor believes that the Gucci is redistributed to avoid the Italy tax administration by redistributing its income outside Italy. Four years ago, Gucci’s colleagues and Prada, another fashion giant in Italy, also made up 470 million euros of “tax evasion” to the Italy tax department. Since a few years ago “Scholar” prime minister Monti legislation, Italy Tax Department Tax Check red eye, even if the reasonable tax had been allowed enterprises and tax optimization is over all. Two June 2013 Italy founder of the famous luxury brand D&G was sentenced to 1 years and 8 months for tax evasion, May 2015 LVMH Italy’s hundred years of luxury brand Bvlgari (Bulgari) and the successor to the remaining 11 people on suspicion of tax evasion by a Rome court called “coffee”.

In addition to these luxury goods group, Italy government tax net also extended to Internet giants: after a long time after the quarrel, Apple was forced to pay 318 million euros in taxes in Italy branch, Google reluctantly agreed to pay 306 million euros in taxes to the government of Italy. Italy tax department did not stop there, according to the survey of Amazon and Facebook is still in progress. Outsiders believe that even if we take the way of reconciliation, Gucci this is the tax department is destined to be fraught with grim possibilities, mercilessly bite.

In recent years, the Chinese and Chinese owners who are heavily fined by the tax authorities in Italy are not in the minority. Because they are often forced to be “black gold” or “gangland” hats and even misunderstood and humiliated by other compatriots, they can only feel depressed in their hearts. No clean water to fish, this type of state terrorism tax movement not only scare Fiat, gas is also bad apple and Google. The fashion giant, Gucci, has been famous for its luxury, luxury and sexuality. The brand is a “symbol of identity and wealth” and is the favorite of the upper class society. Today, Gucci’s falsely reporting of foreign income is like a loud slap in Italy’s current distorting tax policy.

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