Gucci’s latest digital creative project

Gucci launched a new watch series of themed Meme #TFWGucci cooperation projects, encourage the world cultural creators and artists Meme March des Merveilles Le, on a number of watch series creation. The name of the project #TFWGucci is “That Feel When” (when I put on a Gucci watch).

The core creation technique of the digital creative project is Meme. The domestic users are not very familiar with the Meme culture, is already in the foreign social media Instagram, Twitter on the day. In general, Meme is the expression package of the western world. The word “Meme”, originally proposed by the British biologist Richard Dawkins, was originally intended as “(by imitating, and so on) cultural genes.” In the Internet era, Meme is composed of pictures and text with funny pictures, in a concise way watch or satire bursting point.

Just like the original meaning of the word Meme, this cold and humorous way of expression spreads through the massive replication, imitation and transmission, and spreads like virus in the Internet, forming a network subculture that is popular among young people and is heading for the mainstream. In the Gucci project, the network on the spontaneous Meme creator, and Alessandro Michele invited artists, provides a new context for every kind of new Gucci watches, such as classical paintings, old posters, real life situations, large advertising, animation etc..

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