Gucci’s new e-commerce platform

The 45 year old technology executives graduated from renowned management college ESCP Europe occupation career started in the retail industry “Whampoa  military academy” Procter & Gamble, then transferred to the technology industry, join startups iBazar, and with iBazar acquired by EBay in 2001 and joined the home appliance giant became the French general manager of the company, he was promoted in 2007 in Germany, Britain’s European EBay general manager. In 2013, Gr gory Boutt joined the carpool company Sidecar, in 2015 to join the online education startups Udemy, and male fashion dress education courses in the Udemy.

Open Cloud group in a statement said, Gr gory Boutt will lead the group’s digital transformation, is also responsible for the group’s e-commerce, CRM and the number of management work. The reason for finding such a technology expert is to release such a signal, that is, the French luxury group is going to put the electricity supplier into self employment.

In fact, in 2012, the open cloud group, which was not renamed, had been involved in e-commerce in 2012. However, the strategy was at the time to cooperate with luxury goods, such as Yoox SpA. The latter provides technical support for several brands of Kai Yun, such as Bottega Veneta, Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga and Sergio Rossi. For example, if you are now landing on the Chinese official website of Balenciaga, you can see that the registration information about the company is YOOX’s registered company in China. That is to say, the brand of Kai Yun shares the technology, customer service and logistics of YOOX, but the selection of goods and the propaganda inside the platform are controlled by the brand itself.

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