Rabbit-styled stuff created by Gucci

Environmental protection, although repeatedly mentioned, but like a slogan, yelling is forgotten. For the sake of convenience, give up the garbage classification; turn the shark into shark’s fin for the sake of tasty; to look good, even a cell phone chain needs a fox hair. However, the fashion industry, which has been criticized for the destruction of the environment for the sake of beauty, has recently begun to be serious. “Zero fur” has become a new slogan for many companies.

Earlier this month, footwear brand Vans and Timberland brand, the north face (North Face) of the parent company, VF, announced plans to add zero fur. Fur, Angola mountain wool and leather will not appear in the products of the group. However, it is not rare to take part in the fashion brand of zero leather. We are familiar with CK, Nike, H&M, Zara, Levi ‘s and other brands, and have announced no use of fur.

In these relatively popular brands, the use of fur is not very high. And the real cruelty of the animals is actually the more influential luxury brands. Genuine leather handbags, mink overcoats and luxury brand premiums make it impossible for people to give up the pursuit of fur.

However, before VF, there was a luxury brand, which also promised to join the zero leather action. Its actions may change the high profile of the luxury industry throughout the luxury industry.

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