It positions your Web in Torremolinos
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SEO/Positioning in Torremolinos

If you have a local business and you want to position itself in Torremolinos€¦

It contacts

SEO/Positioning in torremolinos in SUPPLY

You want more visibility for your local business?

What is local SEO?

We take clients to your door

In a municipality as Torremolinos, the tourists do not know the city. where they look for products or services that wish?

In Google

He sells more better and

He imagines that all the tourists of torremolinos can see your services and/or products from their mobile€¦ 24 hours and in several languages€¦


Your business will appear for the searches in Torremolinos

Your business will be but visible when appearing as much in maps as in organic results. 

We work both branches, but in the end what we offered him it is the possibility that of a future client looks for in his goole;  footwear, restaurant, excursion of adventure etc€¦ and appear its business on the front page of Google and google maps€¦ (google my business)


Your business in Google Maps

*  Do Whichever visitors have our town?

* Have Whatever looked for in their stay in Torremolinos, some product or local service?

Itself there are 10 results€¦ that % have your business of obtaining a client€¦ And if above you position in maps with your profile of Google my Business, you multiply your visibility. 

It automatically acquires clients of Monday to Sunday €“ 24 hours. 

Example of LOCAL SEO

Local SEO means to position to you for example in Torremolinos, and in your torremolinos searches it is not already necessary to put the word.

Your futures new clients who looked for in Google if they are in Torremolinos only looked for the word that interests to them, as its m³cil already will be geolocalizado, Google would show the best results to them of Torremolinos.

For this example I present to you to one of my clients, Top Gym. A new Gym that arose in January of 2018. From his exit already it was scaling positions to being between both better of all the municipality of Torremolinos.

Meaning that if for example we looked for in our Google of our normal navigator the word Gymnasium would have to appear the page of topgym or google my business.

I invite to you to that busqueis in torremolinos or outside him (adding €œin Torremolinos€), by the key words that buscarias of nuatrual form if you looked for the services that a gymnasium offers.

Aqu­s I leave to an example of positioning or local SEO you in Torremolinos. Only looking for by the word gym, the page of the client leaves first. 

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